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You name it and you will get it. Hand made tailor guns, stolen NATO & US military weapons, Soviet guns, European guns, there is nothing you can not find.

Weapons displayed at show rooms are not all you can get. Missiles and explosives are also available for sale if you are identified customers.

This market is found in Pakistan, one of radical Sunni Islam countries, that is also one of base countries of world Jihadists such as Osama Bin Laden before.

Pakistani muslims do everythong for money no matter if their customers are ISIS or Taliban terrorists or not.

Pakistani government started to regulate this market since 2015 but the market is still active despite government’s control. Government officials close their eyes and ears when they get some cash from arms trade.

Muslim gun markets are also found in Africa, Middle-East (such as Egypt) and Balkan Europe that are main sources of Muslim terrors.

AK47 costs only few hundred euros in black markets in Paris, France and those guns are supplied from Balkan Europe too that have been used by muslim terrorists to kill the French infidels.

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