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Intifada 1.0 (1987 to 1993) and Intifada 2.0 (2000 to 2005) were bloody physical clashes between Muslims and Jews. However, Israel is facing a new kind of Intifada that is called Digital Intifada (Intifada 3.0) since the year 2006.

Muslims make fake videos, pictures, news and spread them all over the internet, especially on social media, to gain international supports. BDS movement (The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) that was launched in late 2005 against Israel is also considered a part of Intifada 3.0 and it actually and successfully gained international backups.

Digital war makes killers as victims and victims as killers. The funny thing here is that thousands of Muslim fake news against Israel ‘practically’ have never been blamed but very few of Jewish fake news immediately generate such scandals all over the world.

It looks like the world is against Jews while the world is in favor of Muslims. We can be sure this is the fact when we see what the U.N. and E.U. are doing against Israel.

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